Telecommunication Consultants

Carrier Consulting is a leading provider of telecommunication and networking solutions from over 40 providers worldwide.  Founded in 1995, Carrier Consulting has helped businesses drastically reduce their telecommunication expenses while increasing the performance and quality of their services and networks.  Carrier Consulting offers unbiased and independent telecommunications and network consulting services to help our clients throughout the entire process from the initial consultation to design, RFP management, project management and implementation.

Clients of Carrier Consulting have typically reported savings of 30-70%.  Our company slogan, (“We Shop So You Don’t Have To”), refers to our unique ability to shop and offer the lowest priced products and services from a wide variety of telecom providers.  At Carrier Consulting, we deliver all of this at NO COST to you and your business all while maintaining our standard and goal of long term business relationships.

Carrier Consulting headquartered in El Segundo, CA is staffed to support our client’s needs with back office support, account managers, sales and marketing, and telecom network consultants.

Contact Carrier Consulting for a free consultation by filling out the contact form on the right or by calling toll free (800) 987-4000 to request additional information.  All information submitted is confidential and will not be shared or sold to any unauthorized parties.