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Business Technologies

Carrier Consulting provides access to over 40 telecommunications providers worldwide offering specialty communication solutions including, Audio-Video-Web Conferencing Services, Cloud Computing Services, Dedicated Server Hosting, Data Storage, Colocation, Wireless Services, Wireless Devices, Smart Phones,  Fax to Email Services, Phone Equipment, Networking Equipment and more.  Select from our vast list of business partners and leading telecommunication providers.

At Carrier Consulting, our consultants compare pricing and make recommendations that best fits your budget and communications needs. We provide unbiased expert advice to help you find the right business technology solution and we will negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

Call toll free (800) 987-4000 to speak with a Carrier Consulting representative or fill out the contact form for business technology service quotes.


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Audio Conferencing Services

With business audio conferencing services, you can connect anywhere with several participants or hundreds of participants allowing you to communicate more efficiently with customers, investors, distributors and suppliers which provides greater cost-savings and increased productivity. Business audio conferencing services deliver greater features and capabilities in an intuitive and easy to use format – perfect for individual consultants to large global enterprises. Audio conferencing services include reservationless, reserved and fully managed audio conferencing. Learn more about the different service options available with business audio conferencing services.

Searching for feature rich, affordable business audio conferencing services? If so, Carrier Consulting offers the largest selection of business audio conferencing services from top audio conferencing providers. Find and compare audio conferencing pricing and gain access to unbiased expert advice. Our goal is to assist your business in finding the right audio conferencing solutions at the most competitive prices available. At Carrier Consulting, we work with small, midsized and large enterprises and have negotiated the best pricing and terms for Fortune 500 companies. We can help you determine which solution is the best fit, whether audio conferencing, web conferencing or video conferencing services. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 to speak with an audio conferencing specialist or fill out the contact form to the right for multiple price quotes from leading audio conferencing providers.


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Web Conferencing Services

Business web conferencing is changing the way that businesses communicate both internally and externally with powerful online collaboration tools that increase productivity while drastically reducing costs. Business web conferencing service allows for simultaneous audio and web capabilities for stunning presentations, hands on training and mission critical support applications. Save time, resources and money with an intuitive, easy to use web conferencing service that is accessible anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Whether giving a formal presentation to audience of hundreds or brain storming with colleagues, there is a business web conferencing service for you. It’s more affordable than you might think. We have web conferencing services for small and midsized business, large business and Fortune 500 companies.

Carrier Consulting provides access to the largest selection of business-class audio, video and web conferencing services and providers available. At Carrier Consulting, our web conferencing service specialists compare pricing and make a decision that best fits your budget and communications needs. We provide unbiased expert advice to help you find the right business web conferencing service and we will negotiate the best rates on your behalf. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 to speak with a Carrier Consulting representative or fill out the contact form for web conferencing service quotes.


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Video Conferencing Services

Is your business searching for the latest in conferencing and collaboration solutions? Enterprise video conferencing service is rapidly changing the way that businesses communicate with an interactive multimedia platform that engages meeting participants as if they are all in the same room. Enterprise video conferencing service delivers enhanced service features and unmatched call quality and video performance. Video conferencing services allow businesses to connect two or more locations via two way audio and video transmission over an intuitive, easy to use platform. With video conferencing service, your business will be able to increase efficiencies leading to greater productivity and reduce costs.  Contact us for more information on video conferencing service equipment, managed video conferencing and other service options.

Learn more about enterprise video conferencing service by contacting Carrier Consulting. At Carrier Consulting, our team of consultants will help you select the right video conferencing service provider to meet all of your collaboration needs. Carrier Consulting is a leading telecommunications and IT consulting firm providing access to leading audio, web and video conferencing providers. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form for best video conferencing pricing and to speak with one of our conferencing specialists.


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Cloud Computing Services

What is cloud computing service? In telecommunications, cloud computing refers to Internet based computing also known as virtualization, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and devices on-demand in the cloud. The cloud is a reference to the Internet. Business cloud computing services directly contrast with traditional computing as there is no need to install applications or save files to a personal computer. A common example of cloud computing service is Yahoo email or Gmail. Users do not need software or a server to use the email service.

There are several segments associated with business cloud computing services which include the following: (1) applications, (2) platforms and (3) infrastructure. The applications refer to the on-demand software also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). There are several forms of payments including subscription fees and licensing. Within cloud computing services, platforms are product offerings used to deploy to the Internet. Active platforms allow the end user to access applications from centralized servers using the Internet. For example, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is Windows Live and Rackspace has cloudservers, cloudsites and cloudfiles. Infrastructure plays a vital role in cloud computing services and is the backbone of the entire concept. Within cloud computing, infrastructure provides the environment necessary to allow users to build applications. Infrastructure also includes storage services for cloud computing.

We represent all major cloud computing providers for applications, platforms and infrastructure.  Learn more about business cloud computing solutions by contacting Carrier Consulting toll free (800) 987-4000.


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In telecommunications, colocation is commonly referred to as co-location, colo, collocation and server colocation hosting. Spelling variations represent the same basic data center service. Server colocation hosting service is simply physical space rented by a colocation service provider to a customer to house their server and equipment offsite. The colocation service provider is responsible for providing the collocation infrastructure which includes the colocation space, power, cooling, redundancy, facility monitoring and security as well as access to the Internet. There are many benefits associated with colocation hosting services including cost-effectiveness, scalability, bandwidth selection, security and monitoring and access to expertise. Get colocation price quotes and expert advice today.

Select from Per U colocation, colocation rack and cabinet space as well as private colocation cages and suites. Monthly charges or fees are dependent on the amount and type of colocation space as well as the power and bandwidth consumed. Customer may also select from managed colocation hosting services. With managed colocation, the data center provides and manages all aspects of the server including application updates.

Our expert server colocation hosting consultants will help you find the right data center to meet your specific colocation requirements. Whether searching for server collocation rack space, locking cabinets, cage or suites, our server colocation consultants are here to help. Carrier Consulting represents major colocation service providers and data centers worldwide. Contact one of our expert consultants today toll free at (800) 987-4000 for more information about server colocation hosting, colocation service providers and other datacenter services.


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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting, dedicated server or managed hosting service provides businesses with access to dedicated server space not associated with any other accounts. Dedicated server hosting provides increased flexibility than shared hosting by allowing businesses to fully control their server(s) including choice of operating system and hardware. Server administration may be provided by the hosting company. Dedicated servers are primarily housed in data centers, similar to colocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. Unlike colocation hosting, the server hardware is owned by the provider and they provide support of operating systems or applications. Dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a secure and reliable hosting solution. Find out if dedicated server hosting is the right solution for your business.

Carrier Consulting provides dedicated server hosting solutions nationally from the most respected data centers and server hosting providers.

Check dedicated server hosting availability and receive the lowest prices from applicable providers. Contact Carrier Consulting to speak directly with a dedicated server hosting specialist today by calling toll free (800) 987-4000.


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Data Storage

Data storage solutions deliver a cost effective and efficient way for all businesses to store, manage, archive and retrieve files. With a data storage solution, your business will be safeguarded against internal breakdowns and external threats. This allows your business to operate and recover during emergencies and gain access to critical files. Data storage can also help your business cut operating costs and improve IT utilization.

Data store solutions are easy to integrate with existing networks and storage infrastructure. There are several options available for data storage including tape libraries, autoloaders, virtual tape libraries and disk based back up systems. Find out if data storage is the right solution for your business today.

Carrier Consulting provides data storage solutions nationally and globally from the leading data storage providers. Check data storage availability and receive the lowest prices from leading data storage providers worldwide. Contact Carrier Consulting to speak with a data storage specialist today by calling toll free (800) 987-4000.


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Wireless Solutions

Searching for wireless solutions from leading wireless providers? Carrier Consulting is a leading wireless solutions consulting firm with an exclusive business partnership with ATT Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. Find and compare cell phones, smart phones and wireless cards available from these wireless providers. We offer the most competitive wireless plans from these wireless providers allowing you to find the right solutions that meet your specific needs. Why spend valuable time and resources searching when you can use Carrier Consulting find the right wireless plans and phones. Contact one of our wireless solutions specialist by calling toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form.


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Business Phone Equipment

Searching for the latest in business phone systems and phone equipment? Carrier Consulting offers a large selection of business phone equipment including VoIP business phone systems, digital phones, headsets, PBX and IP-PBX, conferencing phones from all the major manufactures.

Find and compare quotes on business phone systems and phone equipment from manufactures – all at the lowest prices available from a single telecommunications company. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form to the right to speak with a Carrier Consulting business phone system specialist.


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Business Networking Equipment

Searching for the latest business networking equipment and hardware? Carrier Consulting offers business network equipment from leading manufactures and consulting services to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for. At Carrier Consulting, our business networking consultants understand both the service and equipment sides of the equation. We provide complete business networking equipment solutions to help businesses focus on what they do best.

Whether searching for switches, adapters, routers, firewall or servers, Carrier Consulting can help. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form to the right to speak with a business network equipment specialist.


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