Business Internet Service and WAN

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Business Internet Service and WAN

Searching for business Internet service or a WAN? The expert consultants at Carrier Consulting are here to assist with all aspects of your technology plan including business Internet service and Wide Area Network (WAN) design and implementation. At Carrier Consulting, we have deployed business internet service and WAN throughout the United States and abroad.

At Carrier Consulting, we specialize in business Internet services ranging from high speed broadband services DSL and above including, T-1, T3/DS3, Optical Carrier (OCn), Ethernet/Fiber, DWDM wavelength, and Wireless technologies. All of these services can be selected as Managed or Basic, meaning including Router or without.  Select business Internet services with bandwidth ranging from 1.54 Mbps to 40 Gbps in select locations.

Carrier Consulting offers network design, project management and implementation of business WAN services that feature the highest levels of reliability, redundancy, speed as well as quality of service (QoS) and class of service (COS). Learn more about business WAN technologies including: MPLS, VPLS, IP VPN, Point to Point/Private Line, Frame Relay, ATM and more.

Find the best prices on business Internet and WAN service from leading Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide. Carrier Consulting offers business telecommunications from over 40 carriers, data centers and equipment providers. Learn more about business Internet service and WAN by calling toll free (800) 987-4000 or filling out the contact form at the top of the page.


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Internet Connections

Carrier Consulting can help you select the right business Internet connection to handle all of your critical business applications. Our large selection of business Internet connections will provide you with the speed, global reach and performance your business requires. Not to mention security and reliability needed to ensure up-time without disruption. Today, business Internet access is necessary for transferring large amounts of data, connecting branch offices and remote users to your WAN environment.

Find and compare price quotes from leading business Internet service providers (Business ISPs) from over 40 telecommunication service providers worldwide by contacting Carrier Consulting. At Carrier Consulting, we offer one of the largest selections of business Internet connections with high speed bandwidth ranging from DSL/Cable, 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps) to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) in select locations. Select from business Internet access solutions including DSL/Cable, integrated T1 lines, T3 lines, DS3 service, Ethernet services, Optical Carrier (OCn) services, DWDM Wavelength and more. We offer dedicated Internet access and managed Internet services from all major providers. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form for additional information and a price quotes for business Internet connections.


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Ethernet Services

Business Ethernet services offer a greater value by providing more bandwidth at a lower cost than any other business broadband services. Business Ethernet service delivers 99.99% reliability, burstable bandwidth with greater flexibility and ease of management. Business Ethernet services are ideal for small, midsized and large businesses and support numerous applications such as multimedia content transfers, business VoIP, large file uploads and Internet access as well as connecting remote users and sites. Business Ethernet provides a wide range of options including Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Select from bandwidth ranging from 2 megabits per second (Mbps) to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) in select locations.

Searching for the right business Ethernet service and provider to support your growing bandwidth needs? At Carrier Consulting, our consultants can help you find the right business telecommunications and networking solutions at the lowest prices available from over 40 providers worldwide. Learn more about business Ethernet services and availability for your locations by contacting us today. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or simply fill out the contact form to the right to start your quote request.


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Metro Ethernet Services

Metro Ethernet service is a type of Carrier Ethernet technology used in Metro Area Networks (MANs) by large multi-location corporations, academic institutions and government agencies. Metro Ethernet services can be used to connect to a business to a Local Area Network (LAN), individual end users to a Wide Area Network (WAN) or to the Internet. Metro Ethernet can be used to connect branches, campuses or offices to an Intranet. Metro Ethernet services can be configured as a star network or mesh network. With Metro Ethernet, Customer Equipment (CE) attaches to the Metro Ethernet Network using standard 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 40 Gbps Ethernet connections.

Metro Ethernet is offered by a wide range of Metro Ethernet providers in large metropolitan areas and across the wide area. Metro Ethernet services are becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits associated with the service.  The benefits of Metro Ethernet services include ease of use, cost-savings and flexibility. Metro Ethernet service is preferred due the fact that it is standard and widely used in nearly all networking equipment and devices. Metro Ethernet service is also highly cost-effective in terms of capital expenses and operating expenses when compared to other network access solutions such as MPLS service with similar bandwidth. Metro Ethernet services offer greater flexibility when it comes to adding and changing bandwidth. With managed Ethernet service, businesses are able to add additional bandwidth within minutes instead of days or weeks.

Carrier Consulting provides access to all of the major Metro Ethernet service providers nationally and abroad. Get expert Metro Ethernet advice and the most competitive Metro Ethernet pricing available by calling Carrier Consulting toll free (800) 987-4000.


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Wide Area Network WAN Solutions

Wide Area Networks can be defined as an interconnected network that spans a large geographical area such as a state, states or a country. Wide Area Networks WANs area used to connect multiple Local Area Networks LANs or Metro Area Networks MANs. Wide Area Networks WANs utilize networking equipment to join smaller-scale networks. The largest WAN in existence is the public Internet.

The most prevalent Wide Area Network WAN solutions include the Metro Ethernet, MPLS, IP-VPN, Frame Relay and Point-to-Point private line services. There are advantages to all of the Wide Area Network WAN solutions mentioned above based on your business communication needs and locations. At Carrier Consulting, our consultants can help you select the right Wide Area Network solution to meet your specific requirements and budget. Carrier Consulting consultants are seasoned veterans specializing in Wide Area Network design and planning, management and implementation.

When it comes to Wide Area Network providers, Carrier Consulting offers over 40 Global telecommunication carriers, data centers and equipment providers to support all of your needs. Call one of our specialists toll free at (800) 987-4000 for additional information on Wide Area Network WAN solutions and WAN pricing.


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MPLS Networks

What is MPLS? Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networking technology directs and carries data from one network endpoint to another. With MPLS network services, your business can seamlessly create virtual links between multiple locations within a Wide Area Network (WAN). The result is that your business can run more efficiently as MPLS service prioritizes voice, data or video traffic for improved communications across your MPLS network.

MPLS protocol is classified within the packet switching family and is available worldwide through various MPLS providers. How does an MPLS network work? Within an MPLS network, data packets that originate from one location are assigned labels. All packet forwarding decisions are based solely on the contents of the label without the need to examine the packet. Once the packets arrive at the destination, the MPLS network edge device removes the label to present the data in its original form. MPLS network services allow your business network to operate more efficiently and securely.

There are several benefits associated with MPLS network services. MPLS network service offers greater reliability and security, cost-savings as well as greater flexibility. Not to mention greater network performance, lower latency, packet loss and less network congestion. MPLS network service is “multi protocol” meaning that MPLS service supports various transport services including T1, T3, DS3, OCn and Ethernet. MPLS network services are highly scalable which reduces capital and operating expenditures as well as required IT staff needed to administer the network.

Carrier Consulting provides MPLS network services from leading MPLS providers worldwide. Speak with a Carrier Consulting Telecom consultant today by calling toll free (800) 987-4000 for MPLS quotes, MPLS pricing and MPLS network service information and expert advice.


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IP VPN Service

Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) service is a network technology that is used by businesses to connect multiple sites and remote users. With IP VPN service, your business will be able to access a secure, private and scalable network over a public based IP infrastructure. This includes the Internet or a service provider’s shared IP network. IP VPN services have become the cornerstone of network communications and supports multiple applications including voice, data and video on a single network. IP VPN services provide fast connection speeds, various levels of security and encryption and offers ease in management.

There are several different protocol types of IP VPN service available including MPLS IP VPN, IPsec IP VPN and SSL IP VPN. MPLS based IP VPN service is a popular Layer 3 service used by mid-sized and large businesses. MPLS IP VPN uses labeling algorithms and signaling protocols to encapsulate IP packets and distribute information across the network. MPLS IP VPN services can be used as an alternative or complementary networking solution.

IPsec IP VPN is a standard protocol for IP VPN which provides the framework for CPE based Layer 3 IP VPN service. IPsec IP VPN supports confidentiality by encrypting packets before transmission. IPsec IP VPN allows for network administrators to specify traffic that needs protection. IPsec IP VPN is suitable for both site-to-site and remote access IP VPN service.SSL IP VPN is used for remote access VPNs rather than site-to-site VPNs.

SSL IP VPN protocol provides access to web-based applications from any location with a browser and Internet. SSL IP VPN encrypts traffic sow it flows between the location and the network securely. SSL IP VPN services only support applications coded for SSL including email, Telnet, FTP, IP telephony and other applications.

Contact Carrier Consulting toll free (800) 987-4000 for more information about IP VPN Solutions.


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Private Line T1 Service

In telecommunications, a private line is a dedicated circuit or private switching arrangement with predefined transmission paths which allow for secure connection between two or more locations. Private line service is also commonly referred to as point to point. Dedicated private line service offers greater reliability, security and network performance with cost-savings advantages. With private line service, your business will experience lowered latency and network congestion due to the fact that private lines utilized a dedicated circuit rather than a public or shared network.

Private line service offers increased flexibility and can be provisioned to carry different types of transport services and bandwidth. With private line services, your business can select from private line T1, private line T3, Ethernet private line and OCn private line services. Dedicated private lines can be provisioned to meet your specific communications needs and bandwidth requirements. With private line services, your business will be able to reduce costs by consolidating voice, data and video over a single connection. Private line pricing is dependent on several factors including geography of locations, the private line provider and private line service options.

Carrier Consulting offers over 40 private line services and private line service providers worldwide. We also provide consulting and pricing for International private line services. Contact a Carrier Consulting private line specialist toll free (800) 987-4000 for private line service information, and private line price quotes.


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Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM Protocol

In telecommunications, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) is a standardized approach to digital data transmission for sending and receiving voice, data and multimedia over a single network.  ATM is a multiplexing and switching technology that utilizes a fixed-size packet, called a cell, to transfer data. Each cell is identified with virtual circuit identifiers which are contained in the cell header. ATM can handle high bandwidth requirements and operate over wire or optical fiber.  ATM supports local area networking (LAN) and wide area networking (WAN).

Carrier Consulting offers ATM wide area network design and consulting services. We offer access to over 40 telecom carriers, data centers and equipment providers worldwide. Check service availability and multiple price quotes on ATM service. At Carrier Consulting, we can also help you compare ATM to Ethernet and other networking solutions including MPLS networks and VPLS networks. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form above to be connected to an ATM network consultant.


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Frame Relay Networks

In telecommunications, a frame relay network is a service used to transfer data traffic between Local Area Networks (LANs) and between end-points in a Wide Area Network (WAN). Frame relay networks utilizes variable-size units or “frames” and leaves error correction data up to the network end-points. This process allows frame relay networks to operate efficiently. With a frame relay network, the network provides a Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC). Frame relay networks are considered a fast packet technology which means that when an error is detected the error frame is dropped. It is the responsibility of the end point within a frame relay network to detect and retransmit any dropped packets.

Although an outdated technology, frame relay networks are still used to connect LANs to WANs and major backbones. Frame relay networks are not an ideal for voice or video transmissions. However, frame relay networks provide a useful infrastructure for data transmissions. Frame relay networks can incorporate packets from different protocols including Ethernet. Frame relay can have up to a 45 Mbps local loop to a 44.21 Mbps port. Frame relay network service is available from a wide range of telecommunications carriers.

Learn more about frame relay networks by contacting Carrier Consulting. Carrier Consulting is a leading telecommunications and networking consulting firm providing WAN solutions including frame relay networks, MPLS networks, VPLS networks, Point-to-Point and more. Call toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form to be put in contact with a frame relay network specialist.


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Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS

In telecommunications, Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) is a Layer 2 Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabling the connection of multiple Ethernet sites over MPLS private or metro networks. With Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS, all sites appear to be on the same LAN regardless of their geographical location. Furthermore, each site has its own Ethernet VPLS that is completed segregated from other customers across the share carrier network. Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS was created to overcome the limitations and challenges posed by ATM and Frame Relay which included providing protocol transparent, any-to-any, fully meshed network across a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS is based on native Ethernet which simplifies the LAN/WAN boundary for both carriers and customers. Therefore, Virtual Private LAN Service allows for rapid provisioning with the flexibility to add or change bandwidth at any time because the service bandwidth is not tied to the physical interface. Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS supports a wide range of bandwidth speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps in increments of 1 Mbps.

There are several benefits associated with Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS. Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS is transparent, protocol independent and offers a multipoint solution with a shared bandwidth pool for remote sites. With Virtual Private LAN Service, you are in complete control of switching and routing between sites. However, Virtual Private LAN Service VPLS offer a more simplistic approach to Wide Area Networking and therefore offers ease of management. Furthermore, Virtual Private LAN Service is cost-effective and offers scalability not found in other networking technologies.

Contact Carrier Consulting toll free (800) 987-4000 or fill out the contact form above to be connected to a Virtual Private LAN VPLS specialist.


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Wavelength DWDM

A wavelength solution is based on Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology that addresses a wide range of INTER-LATA and METRO applications. A wavelength solution is an economical way to meet high-capacity bandwidth requirements for interconnecting multiple locations.

Wavelength provides bandwidth on demand, lower costs, expanded market coverage and increased speed-to-market. Wavelength solutions also support various applications including SONET/SDH, IP and ATM, while eliminating unnecessary overhead and functional duplication across the network. A wavelength solution is a fully managed, private, point-to-point service delivered over a state-of-the-art DWDM network. Wavelength solutions provide dedicated broadband transport network connectivity without the need for capital or the responsibility of owning and operating network infrastructure.

Carrier Consulting provides wavelength solutions nationally and globally from the most respected names in telecommunications.

Check wavelength solution availability and receive the lowest prices from leading wavelength providers worldwide. Fill out the FREE quote form and start receiving multiple wavelength service quotes. You may also speak directly with a wavelength solution specialist today by calling Carrier Consulting toll free (800) 987-4000.


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