Agent Program

Are you interested in earning RESIDUAL INCOME?

Become a sales agent of Carrier Consulting!

Already an Agent, but your Master Agent is taking too much of the money while you’re doing all the work?  Need better support, or more timely replies from your Master Agent?

Carrier Consulting has developed multiple agent programs to meet various needs and skill levels. We offer Referral Agent, Managed Agent, and Independent/Master Agent Programs.:


Referral Agent:

You introduce us to a warm opportunity. Upon closing of these deals you will earn either a referral fee or a part of the Residuals from the account.


Managed Agent:

This is a fully supported position. You will provide pricing, Provisioning, and after sales assistance with your accounts.


Independent/Master Agent:

You will run your own business and will be responsible for your own accounts. You will generate your own pricing and proposals. This role does not require that minimal activity levels are achieved.


Each of the programs above is associated with different commission levels. Choose which is best for you and your business plan.


For more information call us.

Direct/Office:         800-987-4000 x 205

Confidential Cell:   310-210-0384



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